Monday, January 9, 2012

Stop Obsessing!

Over the weekend I picked up a pair of really (really) funky French doors from the REStore (re-building supplies in Seattle) as well as a medicine cabinet door that is currently sitting in my living room.  And, woohoo, I got a sink on Craigslist for $20! Score! 

And I obsessed more about lighting. I really think that recessed lighting is the way to go, I just hate it.  I mean, really, really hate it.  Or did, until I found this:

VE 863 Recessed Light by Ottocento from Lighting 55.  $140.00

But at $140/ea (and I need 10) this isn’t going to happen.  Maybe every other one could be special?  Doubtful, so I did a little research and found some very sweet trims for recessed lighting, that might make them a bit more bearable.  Almost all are under $30, and recessed lights are cheap when you buy boring ones, so this might be a good solution!

Victorian Trim, $11.99 from Lamps Plus.

Renaissance LR-105 in Old Wood Gold, $28 from Beaux Artes.  They have others, too, but this was my favorite. They also have a ton of finishes, too, so you can get a totally custom look!

Recessed Light Medallion, $16 from Rensup.  They also have other styles and this is one of the simpler ones.

Eurofase with Cast Wreath Gimbal Trim, $33.30 from CSN Lighting.  I would definitely paint this one so it wasn’t shiny.

Or could someone just cut me a little star trim like the first one for each?  I would be so thrilled.  And I’d paint it a nice light turquoise color….



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