Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Astrophel and Stella

I’ve been meaning to post these for a while.  They decided to play in my light box when it was set up.  Two beautiful Siberian Forest Cats.  Astro is the tabby one, Stella is the Flame Point.  They are very helpful when I’m trying to work…  Anyway, enjoy!







Monday, February 27, 2012

Belle Smokey + Guitar


Thanks, Kynda! The Belle Smokey Strap looks fantastic with your guitar.  I love how the pink in the flowers picks up the warmth of the wood, and the silver leaves pick up the sparkle of the inlay. 

I have been adding more and more of the Smokey pattern pieces, and these personalized guitar straps work well as a gift or as a way to keep a special message, song, or bit of scripture close to you.  As I have been reflecting on them recently, and thinking about the types of things that people request on the straps, I am realizing that a lot of the straps that I do have scripture on them, or Christian music lyrics.  Some have rock music, a few recently have had grunge songs, and Bob Dylan and the Beatles are always popular.  Whatever feeds your soul, I’m happy to write on the strap for you.  I think it’s important for all of us to keep our inspiration close to our hearts, in whatever form it takes.



Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Anniversary....

So, my six year (I think) wedding anniversary is coming up on Monday.  I've ignored Valentine's day and downplayed Christmas, so I'm thinking it is time I do something special for my husband. He has put up with me for six years, after all (and the two before we were actually married).

He's been asking for a plain black belt.  It's kind of driving me crazy - who wants a plain black belt? With NOTHING on it?  Doesn't he know what I do all day?  But because it's his present, I guess I'll comply.  Mostly.  I will carve something small into it though.  I'm thinking maybe putting six notches on one end, to represent the six years we've been together.  That way it would be subtle, but still personal and unique.

I did find this awesome belt buckle from Fosterweld to go with it:

Oval Frame Buckle
I ordered it a bit late so I'm hoping it comes in time.  I think it would be a beautiful complement to any of my belts, honestly, with the simple steel frame.  It's something he could wear to work, too, which is always a plus!

Off to scout for some lunch - the days are long at Wintergrass!


Monday, February 13, 2012

The Week in (p)Review

Just a little sneak peek at what is coming to the site this coming week… Check the “featured” tab for all the new goodies!


IMG_4334 (1500x1000)

Byzantine Guitar Strap – Sage, pink, silver and antique black


IMG_4399 (1500x1000)

Amapele Clutch Wallet – Pink, white, gold and antique brown


IMG_4402 (1500x1000)

Peacock Clutch Wallet – White, gold, orange, sage and antique brown


IMG_4407 (1500x1000)

Bamboo Wallet – Green and antique brown


IMG_4411 (1500x1000)

Clarke Clutch Wallet – White, gold, sage, orange and antique brown


IMG_4417 (1500x1000)

Byzantine Clutch Wallet – Pink, silver, blue and antique black


IMG_4421 (1500x1000)

Byzantine Bifold Wallet – Orange, sage, gold, white and antique brown


IMG_4427 (1500x1000)

Clarke Flask – Orange, white, sage, gold and antique brown


IMG_4431 (1500x1000)

Byzantine Flask – Silver, sage, pink and antique black


IMG_4435 (1500x1000)

Daisy Chain Clutch – Green, gray/brown, burgundy and antique black


IMG_4441 (1500x1000)

Smokey Camera Strap – Antique Black


IMG_4449 (1500x1000)

Byzantine Guitar Strap – Silver, pink, blue and antique black


IMG_4457 (1500x1000)

Peacock Guitar Strap – Silver, pink, blue and antique black


IMG_4468 (1500x1000)

Wild Wheat Guitar Strap – Gold and Antique Brown


IMG_4478 (1500x1000)

Amapele Guitar Strap – Pink, white, gold and antique brown

Clarke Strap + Guitar

2012-02-09 20.44.18

Thanks, Carole! Love the Clarke strap with your guitar!



Sunday, February 12, 2012

Behind the Walls

The OSB panels were removed, and it was like turning the page to an older chapter in the history of the building. Notes, strange marks, cobwebs, and math I don’t understand.  The wood walls of this place are beautiful.  So much more elegant than the plywood/OSB walls we use now.  It’s almost a shame to cover them up.  But I’m told that I need insulation….










Saturday, February 11, 2012

Studio Visit


I took a visit to the studio last night.  I’ve been intentionally avoiding it because I know there was some jackhammering done inside, and some digging in the yard, and there was no way the destruction in my mind could be as bad as the reality, so I just didn’t check.

We had to go over a lighting plan, so I went up to meet with the contractors, and saw the face of the studio is coming together.  These doors are a ReStore find that I had Pacific Iron hang in a jamb for me.  The doors were $175 for the pair, and it ran about $300 to have the jamb made.  I was pretty proud of it, since a new pair of French doors was going to be anywhere from $1000-$3000. YIKES!  And they wouldn’t be nearly as cool as these, with the crazy windows and the textured glass. 

Kent (one of the contractors) said that the doors reminded him of a backyard church.  The giant “X” on the bottom reminds me of a barn door.  So, the church of leather?  Okay, I’ll take that.



Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tiny Tiger Tattoo

 I'm behind on everything this week.  Trying madly to get orders out for people to give as Valentine's gifts, and ignoring it in my own life.  Trust me, those feet up on the table stayed there only for a brief moment, before getting back to work.  We unexpectedly... lost? our childcare last week so I've been full-time at home mom, entrepreneur, crafter, and wife.  Sometimes. I'm feeling overwhelmed, to say the least.

Monday was Tattoo day.  It didn't really register.  I've been planning this piece for almost two years - since I broke my foot in early May 2010, at 34 weeks pregnant.  I kept thinking that there was something I was supposed to do Monday afternoon, then forgetting what it was.  Oh yeah, it was my tattoo. 

It's my third one, so I kind of knew what to expect, but the last time I got one I passed out.  Very little warning, just kind of fell off my chair.  Out cold.  The guy who tattooed me this time was the one who picked me up off the floor last time.  He's about 7 feet tall, and super sweet.  Anyway, totally terrified of this one I almost passed out before I even got in the car to go there.  But I went (drove myself), saw the art for the first time, and minutes later, was having it permanently integrated into my appearance.

It was an interesting experience.  I don't do sketches before I start on custom pieces, but I'm not branding on anyone.  When Van first told me he didn't do sketches first, I have to admit I was a little scared.  It makes okay sense for me, but for a tattoo? Really???  There are no do-overs on this one.  But it turned out really well.  I'm happy with my tiny tiger tattoo.  My tiny, Celtic tiger.

So for all you who were wondering, here it is. 


Friday, February 3, 2012


Progress is being made on what is called the “lounge” in the contractors’ plans.  It’s a little room off the back of the space that I’ll use for an office/playroom/nap room for the wee one.  So yeah, lounge might just be right.





Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snow (for Tristan)

I talked to a good friend last night who I don’t think I’ve talked to in a year, maybe more.  We’ve known each other for twelve years, and somehow manage to stay good friends regardless of long periods of being out of touch.  I love that.

He told me I have “grown up” problems.  Yeah, I suppose I do.  And he also told me he thought I should take more pictures.  I used to love photography.  Truthfully, I still do, but my life is very much consumed by leather, so it’s hard.  I take a lot of my daughter, though my husband won’t let me post them.

I promised I would take some.  Tristan is a photographer, and I’ve always considered him a much better one than I.  He insists that I have a great eye, though, so I’ll listen.  And for Tristan, here are a few photographs I took when it snowed.  I promise to post one photo a day, for at least a month.  We’ll see if it sticks.