Sunday, December 22, 2013

Taking Note of a Familiar Motto

I think the post office’s motto says something about “nor rain, nor sleet, nor snow” will keep them from making deliveries.  As I was parking my car at the bottom of our hill on Thursday night, I was running this through my head.  The forecast was for one to four inches of snow overnight on Thursday, and as anyone who has been in the Seattle area in the snow knows, even a single inch will shut the city down.

So we parked the car with all-wheel drive at the bottom of the hill and the next morning (at my husband’s suggestion) I got up and grabbed my 8-month-old son, put him in an Ergo, laced up my fuzziest boots, and we went on our way.  



It was probably about a 10-minute walk to where we parked the car.  Most of it unlit, but there was a streetlamp near where the car was parked.  I wasn’t really green.  The lighting was just a little crazy that early in the morning with all the snow.  Baby boy is in his “Omniheat” snowsuit.  It was the cheapest one we could find, and keeps him absolutely toasty warm. Definitely glad we had it on this particular morning.


As soon as I scraped all of the snow off the car (I am not used to this so turned my windshield wipers on to clear the stuff I couldn’t reach with my door still open…) we were on our way.  I tested the brakes so I’d have some idea what I would be dealing with on my way to the studio.  The car stopped, it just took a little longer.  I breathed a sigh of relief – yes, you know you’re from Seattle when you are 1) terrified of driving in less than an inch of snow, and 2) not sure what happens when you hit the brakes in less than an inch of snow.

The roads really weren’t that bad.  Most of them were wet, some were slightly slushy, everyone was driving like they were in a blizzard.  That’s Seattle for you.  And, of course, as reward for all this stressful driving, a mocha.  Of course, my husband calls thirty seconds before I order to make sure I am okay, and alive, and then just laughs when he hears my order.  “Of course!” is all he says.


Just a few minutes later we made it to the studio.  My sweet studio looks even more beautifully turquoise blue in the morning light, with the Christmas Wreath and my barn stars (I painted them bright pink and hung them on the studio when we moved house this summer).  The studio is cute generally, but even more so in the snow.  The warm light inside was a welcoming sight.  As was the heat.


We worked until almost 7pm on Friday night.  My assistant, Caitlin, and I are both still exhausted.  Between Halloween and yesterday we had over 450 retail orders, plus a fair number of wholesale pieces to make as well.  Our stitcher, Anna, was a great deal of help this week, too.  Her little girl, Saya, played with my little boy while Anna helped us pack and ship literally hundreds of pieces this past week.  My baby has been taking crawling notes from Saya and I think he’ll be soon to move, though I am not sure what I will do when that happens.

It has been an amazing season and I am so thankful for my two assistants.  I’m looking forward to a year full of new ventures – maybe I’ll write a book? Oh yeah, I think I will do that – and new adventures.  Caitlin and I head to Philadelphia in January for the Buyer’s Market of American Craft, and then my husband and kiddos will go to Baltimore for the American Craft Council show in February.  This will be our first time traveling for shows, so wish us luck!

Before all this happens, though, I am looking forward to spending a few days with my family.  When my daughter asks “are you going away today?” I am glad I can say “no!” for now, and enjoy cooking breakfast for her, my husband, and the baby boy.

Happy holidays all, thank you for your support this year and for the last nine.  It means the world to me.



Monday, November 18, 2013

Holiday Shipping Deadlines


So it’s happening again – I am answering more emails about whether or not I can get something done by Christmas than anything else.   So here is your answer, and please remember that ALMOST EVERYTHING on is made to order, so use the Custom/Made to Order guide when ordering from my site!


Shipping Destination Last date to order for Christmas delivery
APO/AE Zip Code 093 November 22, 2013 (that’s THIS FRIDAY)
APO/AE All Other Zips November 29, 2013
Africa/Central + South America November 22, 2013
Canada December 1, 2013
Everywhere else (non-US) November 28,2013
Domestic mail (USA, all 50) December 7, 2013



Shipping Destination Last date to order for Christmas delivery
APO/AE Zip Code 093 December 1, 2013
APO/AE All Other Zips December 8, 2013
Africa/Central + South America November 30, 2013
Canada December 10, 2013
Everywhere else (non-US) December 7,2013
Domestic mail (USA, all 50) December 19, 2013


I most sincerely hope this all helps!  If you have any questions please feel free to email me (  Also, if you miss an order deadline there are expedited shipping options available.  They’re more expensive than standard, of course, but it is worth it to give someone a perfectly heartfelt and handmade holiday gift, right?



Sunday, November 10, 2013

By Request – Astrophel & Stella



Astro looking for someone to love him




Astro and Stella cuddle time




It just happened to be on Jax’s pillow




Stella in the sunshine




Stella says she has no idea where Astro went

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A little holiday gift, made by weary fingers

Our Gift To You - Free Limited Edition Stocking With Purchase!
I am a sucker for holiday tradition.  Each year we invite family and friends to celebrate the holidays and give everyone who attends a handmade gift.  I thought this year my beloved customers might like a gift as well.  So, I have been hard at work making 100 "James Owl" mini stocking ornaments and will give them away free with each purchase of $150 or more starting today, November 2, 2013.
Each stocking is signed and numbered and only 100 will be made.
So head on over to or to place your order and be sure your pre-shipping order totals $150 or more and I will include a mini stocking automatically.   Check out what's new, make your list of gifts to by for yourself and others, and start shopping! I will post on when all the stockings have been given away.
Happy holidays!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Traditional Metis Beadwork–in leather


For the last few weeks (maybe almost six at this point) I have been working on a series of pieces for the Metis Nation. I honestly think this is one of the most meaningful projects that I’ve ever done – transferring traditional Metis beadwork patterns into leather.

The simplicity and floral patterns present in the beadwork pieces fused wonderfully with my instinctual style, and I was given a variety of beadwork patterns to choose from, so had the opportunity to see how a range of pieces would transfer.

The result is a body of work I am truly in love with.  Each piece is unique and has elements of my style but is clearly a Metis beadwork pattern at the same time.  The Metis will be selling these at events in Eastern Canada this holiday season, but if you see one that you can’t live without, let me know and I will put you in touch with someone who can sell it to you!

beadwork journal antique blackbeadwork journal antique brownmetis bifold 1ametis bifold 1bmetis bifold 2ametis bifold 2bmetis bifold 3ametis bifold 4ametis bifold 4bmetis clutch 2ametis clutch 2bmetis clutch 2cmetis clutch 3ametis clutch 3bmetis clutch 3cmetis clutch 4ametis clutch 4bmetis clutch 4cmetis clutch 5ametis clutch 5bmetis clutch 5cmetis clutch 6a (2)metis clutch 6b (2)metis clutch 6cmetis clutch 7ametis clutch 7bmetis clutch 7cmetis clutch 8ametis clutch 8bMetis clutch wallet 1aMetis clutch wallet 1bMetis clutch wallet 1cmetis pouch 1ametis pouch 1bmetis pouch 1cmetis pouch 1dmetis pouch 2ametis pouch 2bmetis pouch 2cmetis pouch 2dmetis pouch 3ametis pouch 3bmetis pouch 3cmetis pouch 3dmetis pouch 4ametis pouch 4bmetis pouch 4cmetis pouch 4dmetis pouch 5ametis pouch 5bmetis pouch 5cmetis pouch 6ametis pouch 6bmetis pouch 6cMetis pouch 6dmetis tray 1ametis tray 1bmetis tray 1cmetis tray 1dmetis tray 2ametis tray 2bmetis tray 2cmetis tray 2dmetis trifold 1ametis trifold 1bmetis trifold 2ametis trifold 2bmetis trifold 3bstocking antique blackstocking antique browntray antique blacktray antique brown