Saturday, January 14, 2012

Starting at the Bottom

I went out Wednesday to take some photos.  I always love peoples artsy blog photos, but mine never turn out that way.  When I went to college I genuinely wanted to be a photographer (I’ve actually worked as a wedding/event photographer before, but haven’t kept up my skills… I turned the darkroom into the dying room).  There’s probably a reason I didn’t get in to the photography program.  They always told me that my photos weren’t abstract or “artsy” enough.  Of course, I always argued about that.  Isn’t the beauty of a photo the ability to capture reality, through someone’s eyes? So maybe I should listen to my younger self, and embrace my photographic style. On that same note I should probably be glad I didn’t get in to photography school.  I am relatively certain that if I had, there would be no Moxie & Oliver.

So, with a long introduction, here is the progress on the studio, in my style:





I’m told that the walls are now up on this little frame.  I’ll go check on it tomorrow. If it isn’t snowing too hard.



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