Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lighting, Take Two.

Had a sit-down with the contractors, Todd and Kent, yesterday.

Todd:  “So what did you have in mind for lighting?”

Me: “I am kind of obsessed with the pulley pendants.  I think they’d be great because I could pull them down to a workspace, then push them out of the way when I’m not using them”   Yes, dramatic understatement.  I’m completely obsessed.

Kent: “Did you check what the drop is when they are fully up?”

Me: “Nope” and thinking, oh, crap.  That’s a deal breaker.  The roof in the space slopes from 10’ at one end to about 7’ at the other. 

I checked the drop last night.  These little beauties dropped themselves right off my list.  The shortest is 40” from the ceiling when fully retracted.  That puts it closer to the floor than the ceiling in the shorter space.  Darn.

So how about this, but inside:

These are strands of light strings that use full-size bulbs.  I’m pretty sure one would be enough for the entire studio since it has 24 bulbs (eek!) on it.  And they come in white. And they are well within budget!

Heavy-Duty Commercial Grade Outdoor Lights, $105/strand from Sival Lighting.

Just a thought, only a thought.



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