Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

So I have a big birthday coming up. I’ll give you a hint  - it ends in a “0”.  I’m feeling okay about it, the only thing I don’t like is being called “Ma’am”

In no particular order, here is my birthday list.  The Smeg is on there because, well, it’s a milestone birthday, right?  And with all the miles I’ve travelled, I think it’s time to celebrate!

A sunshine yellow Espresso Machine, so I can wake up when I get to the studio



Pink Smeg Fridge to hold my dairy-free milk, to complement the espresso


Bird Vase preferably in Robin Egg Blue and yellow, to put my paint brushes in

a Shop Vac, to clean up the mess I make



DeLonghi Toaster, so I can make myself a mid-morning snack


Honeycomb Clock for the studio (so I know when to come home), size small, so it is only a gentle reminder

A pair of running shoes (size 9.5, and maybe some running clothes, size small) so I can run home to my family at the end of a long day… and for all the miles yet to come. And last but not least, a new duvet set so I can sleep well at the end of a long day.



Monday, March 26, 2012

Wash-a Wash-a Wash-a!


I truthfully feel like I am moving into my first apartment all over again.  Trips to Target, agonizing about what dishes to buy, picking a shower curtain (the one I have in our house is actually the same one I bought at Target when I got my first apartment), all this stuff I guess I was hoping somehow I’d never have to do again, but this time it’s worse.  I’m older, more particular, and I guess my tastes are more, um, refined?  Well, at least they’re more expensive.  But, if I’ve learned one thing about purchasing things in general it is this:  You might as well save your money and buy the thing you really, really want the first time, since if you settle for something you don’t want, you’ll end up just throwing that one away and getting the other one later.  So, buy it once, buy it right, buy it for life.  Incidentally, the same philosophy I’ve built my own work around. 

So the bathroom – the shower curtain is impossible.  There is a great round-up on Design Sponge but it’s like four years old.  Kind of a problem.  I did manage to find a few I really like through the link though:

Ginny Shower Curtain, $74.99 through India Rose


Flamenco Shower Curtain, $118 through Anthropologie

Marimekko Unikko Red Shower Curtain,$69.00 through Crate and Barrel


Gardenia Shower Curtain, $29.99 through Target


Stella Shower Curtain, $21.59 through Target


I think I should mention that I painted the bathroom kind of an aqua/robin’s egg blue color.  And the Target shower curtains still seem like reasonable choices, even after all these years (though I LOVE the flamenco one!).



Thursday, March 22, 2012

Better Late Than Never


IMG_5206  IMG_5204

I struggle every year about what to get my husband for our anniversary.  This year was our sixth – the candy anniversary?  What???? Or iron.  Yeah, I’ve never been one to follow the traditional, plus my husband has been pestering me for a solid black belt for ages.  When I found the Oval Frame Buckle on Alere Modern, I knew that was the perfect complement to the black belt.  It is simple enough that he can wear it to work, and unique enough that he not only doesn’t have anything like it (and he has quite a belt/buckle collection as you can imagine) but nobody else will have one either. 

So I made him the belt I am calling the Anniversary Belt, and if you have a guy or gal with, um, more restrained taste (or someone who works a stuffy office job like my hubby) this might just be the perfect fit.  It’s a solid black belt, with your choice of number of “notches” on the end.  We’ve got six to represent our six married years together.  I love the combination of the subtle sentimental touch with the versatile black belt.  Works with any buckle (heel bar, center bar, or rodeo/trophy style).

He loved it, too, even though it was 2+ weeks late.



Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Any Minute Now…

Any minute now, the wee one is going to wake up from her slumber and we’re going to head out into the world together.  Running errands, conquering, etc.,  -  you know, how ladies do. 

But I’ve been feeling distant lately.  Like I’ve disappeared.  You five lovely people who read my blog may think something terrible happened, but it’s probably just a lot of good things, keeping me busy, and not letting me post.  Anyway, before she gets up, here’s where we’re at, at least with the new studio.  My plan is to move this weekend.  Let’s see if the world agrees.




Back room, pre paint



Main space, pre-paint



Kitchen, pre-paint






Back room – painted!



Kitchen – painted!

Friday, March 9, 2012


I’m working on too many projects to count, but managed to sneak in a visit to the almost completed studio today.  That stove was in the house when we bought it, and it mostly works – doesn’t it look fantastic?  The cabinets were all salvaged, so were the sinks and the tub.  The bathroom cabinet is actually a kitchen upper cabinet that we had left over, and with the one extra lower, they’re making a kitchen island.

Too much excitement is making it hard to work, but I’ll be moving in next week.  Happy dance!











Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Studio Update

So, we’re getting there. The floors were polished last week.  I think they look amazing.  Plywood walls are up, trim is going in.  Remodels always change so quickly towards the end. 

This reminds me – I still need to clean up that bathtub!









Monday, March 5, 2012






Wintergrass was hard for me this year.  The person who introduced me to it two years ago is someone I’m no longer in touch with – we had a bad ending to the friendship after a miscommunication about money, of all things.  It still makes me very sad. She was with me the first year at Wintergrass, when I was pregnant.  She didn’t make it last year, and the falling out I think happened in early March, so this was my first one without her.

I was a mix of emotions going into it.  Stress to try to get enough done to have a full display, sadness because going there reminded me of her, and a very low-level of excitement.  I do love bluegrass, and time with my family.  My husband and baby went with me again this year.  She’s a bit more to chase after than she was last year (ah, what a difference a year makes!) but she still loves music, can clap in time, and even went to toddler-grass! 

Once I got to Wintergrass I started to feel better – we were again stationed next to Clark Mandolins, and I always enjoy seeing Austin and Cynthia. Austin’s mandolins are amazing, and they really, really make want to learn to play something.  In fact, all of Wintergrass does.  We’ve decided to put the baby into fiddle lessons when she’s big enough.  I still wish I’d been put in music lessons when I was a small child, but I wasn’t, and that part of my brain that would have been used to learn music is now occupied by so many other things… maybe when I retire I will re-visit.

On day two of the show my husband went to get coffee.  He came back empty-handed no more than two minutes later.  I asked him what happened.  He told me that the person that I wanted to see least was there, with her mom, in line for coffee.  My heart jumped.  I knew there was a chance she’d be there, but it never crossed my mind that my husband would run into her.  He didn’t talk to her, just saw the two of them, and walked away. 

I never saw her there.  I was pretty sure she’d steer clear of my booth.  Truthfully, I don’t know what I’d have done if I had.  Is she still mad?  Does she think I’m a terrible person?  That the downfall of our friendship was all my fault?  I don’t know.  I wish we could have talked through it.  I wish we could have come through stronger. But we couldn’t, and we didn’t.  In my life – my marriage, my friendship, and my business – I respect and value honesty above all else.  Communication is such an integral part of any relationship, when that breaks down it’s bound to fail sooner or later.  I’m still sad, a year later, that this one did.

But I’m not mad, and I certainly would have talked to her if she’d stopped by my booth.  And I’d answer if she decided to send an email, or call.



Studio Progress

Not much I can say – drywall is up, skylights are in, and these photos are now outdated.  I will take more soon, but wanted to at least show some proof that things are moving along!

Must rescue the cats from the baby, and bake some cornbread!







Friday, March 2, 2012


She found a new place to sleep.  And yes, my studio is a disaster.  This was pre-wintergrass.  New studio coming in a week!!!!



IMG_4710 (1000x1500)

IMG_4716 (1500x1000)

IMG_4721 (1500x1000)