Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tiny Tiger Tattoo

 I'm behind on everything this week.  Trying madly to get orders out for people to give as Valentine's gifts, and ignoring it in my own life.  Trust me, those feet up on the table stayed there only for a brief moment, before getting back to work.  We unexpectedly... lost? our childcare last week so I've been full-time at home mom, entrepreneur, crafter, and wife.  Sometimes. I'm feeling overwhelmed, to say the least.

Monday was Tattoo day.  It didn't really register.  I've been planning this piece for almost two years - since I broke my foot in early May 2010, at 34 weeks pregnant.  I kept thinking that there was something I was supposed to do Monday afternoon, then forgetting what it was.  Oh yeah, it was my tattoo. 

It's my third one, so I kind of knew what to expect, but the last time I got one I passed out.  Very little warning, just kind of fell off my chair.  Out cold.  The guy who tattooed me this time was the one who picked me up off the floor last time.  He's about 7 feet tall, and super sweet.  Anyway, totally terrified of this one I almost passed out before I even got in the car to go there.  But I went (drove myself), saw the art for the first time, and minutes later, was having it permanently integrated into my appearance.

It was an interesting experience.  I don't do sketches before I start on custom pieces, but I'm not branding on anyone.  When Van first told me he didn't do sketches first, I have to admit I was a little scared.  It makes okay sense for me, but for a tattoo? Really???  There are no do-overs on this one.  But it turned out really well.  I'm happy with my tiny tiger tattoo.  My tiny, Celtic tiger.

So for all you who were wondering, here it is. 


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