Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy Anniversary....

So, my six year (I think) wedding anniversary is coming up on Monday.  I've ignored Valentine's day and downplayed Christmas, so I'm thinking it is time I do something special for my husband. He has put up with me for six years, after all (and the two before we were actually married).

He's been asking for a plain black belt.  It's kind of driving me crazy - who wants a plain black belt? With NOTHING on it?  Doesn't he know what I do all day?  But because it's his present, I guess I'll comply.  Mostly.  I will carve something small into it though.  I'm thinking maybe putting six notches on one end, to represent the six years we've been together.  That way it would be subtle, but still personal and unique.

I did find this awesome belt buckle from Fosterweld to go with it:

Oval Frame Buckle
I ordered it a bit late so I'm hoping it comes in time.  I think it would be a beautiful complement to any of my belts, honestly, with the simple steel frame.  It's something he could wear to work, too, which is always a plus!

Off to scout for some lunch - the days are long at Wintergrass!


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Alice Almighty said...

Oh Kevin!A plain black belt? I do love that buckle.