Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snow (for Tristan)

I talked to a good friend last night who I don’t think I’ve talked to in a year, maybe more.  We’ve known each other for twelve years, and somehow manage to stay good friends regardless of long periods of being out of touch.  I love that.

He told me I have “grown up” problems.  Yeah, I suppose I do.  And he also told me he thought I should take more pictures.  I used to love photography.  Truthfully, I still do, but my life is very much consumed by leather, so it’s hard.  I take a lot of my daughter, though my husband won’t let me post them.

I promised I would take some.  Tristan is a photographer, and I’ve always considered him a much better one than I.  He insists that I have a great eye, though, so I’ll listen.  And for Tristan, here are a few photographs I took when it snowed.  I promise to post one photo a day, for at least a month.  We’ll see if it sticks.










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