Saturday, February 11, 2012

Studio Visit


I took a visit to the studio last night.  I’ve been intentionally avoiding it because I know there was some jackhammering done inside, and some digging in the yard, and there was no way the destruction in my mind could be as bad as the reality, so I just didn’t check.

We had to go over a lighting plan, so I went up to meet with the contractors, and saw the face of the studio is coming together.  These doors are a ReStore find that I had Pacific Iron hang in a jamb for me.  The doors were $175 for the pair, and it ran about $300 to have the jamb made.  I was pretty proud of it, since a new pair of French doors was going to be anywhere from $1000-$3000. YIKES!  And they wouldn’t be nearly as cool as these, with the crazy windows and the textured glass. 

Kent (one of the contractors) said that the doors reminded him of a backyard church.  The giant “X” on the bottom reminds me of a barn door.  So, the church of leather?  Okay, I’ll take that.



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