Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You asked, I listened

So the new site is up, and so far I've been able to fulfill one request from the Wintergrass wishlist - Mandolin straps without buckles.

Easy enough, right? All my mando straps are now being offered in lengths from 35-47" (two inch increments, it seemed reasonable) as well as adjustable. Best way to find your strap length is to measure your current strap. All of my mandolin straps come with a bit of leather lace (no, it's not lace, it's more like a really thick leather cord, sorry for the years of confusion) to attach it to the instrument, so it's best to order shorter if you are between two lengths.

Oh, and I can't say how many times people asked me if the straps were "splits". They're not, they are made from tooling leather hides, which is a full-grain leather. And what is a "split" you might ask? Well, if you have seen my work in person you know that the leather that I use is quite thick. It is possible to litterally split the hide into layers. A split is one of the inner layers that has been split apart from the top layer, or the grain layer. The grain layer is the strongest, and splits are much weaker (split is what is used to make suede).

I hope that makes sense! One more listing on the new site then it is off to bed.


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