Monday, February 28, 2011

Wintergrass Wishlist

So we just returned from Wintergrass -- this is the only show I have done in the last few years, and I probably won't do another show until next year's Wintergrass. It's a fun festival with good people, good music, and it's always interesting for me to talk to customers in person about what I have, and what they'd like to see me make. So, after four days of hearing people react to my work, here's what they would apparently like to see:

1. Leather suspenders, with instruments on them
2. Luggage tags in the shape of aligators
3. A guitar strap with an aligator
4. A thinner strap for banjo
5. A buckle-free strap for mandolin
6. A wallet with an expandable coin section
7. A belt with bees on it (this one I have in the works)

And that's about all I remember. I thought the leather suspender request was hilarious since I asked my husband a year or two ago if leather suspenders would be a good idea. Apparently, they are! I'm starting with flowers though, since I probably will keep the prototype.

Baby is awake! More later -

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