Friday, March 18, 2011

My studio helper

I am not entirely certain if the shock is wearing off or settling in - I can't believe Guapo is gone. Oliver is having a very hard time with it, too. Before we got Guapo he used to howl every night when we went to sleep (super annoying, but you get used to it). I always said that it was because he was an only cat, looking for kitty friends. It turns out that I was right. He started howling again the night that Guapo died.

That is one of the first photos I have of the two of them together. Oliver not looking too happy after this little kitten cuddled up on him, but he got used to it, and grew to love the relentless love from El Guapo.

As for myself, I grew to love the fact that he was constantly in my face when I was trying to work. Attacking scissors while I was cutting leather, biting my pencil, chewing on my string, climbing inside the hides if I left them somewhere tempting. Everything that I made for three years probably had Guapo fur in the stitching - luckily Siberians are hypoallergenic!

I remember so clearly the day we brought him home. My husband picked me up from work with this tiny kitten in the car (I'm sure I got nothing done that day in anticipation of the new arrival), and I picked him up out of his little carrier. He looked into my eyes and seemed to ask "Are you going to take care of me? To love me? And protect me?" And I promised him I would. In the end, I know that he was so well loved, by me, by my husband, by our baby, by our dogs, and of course by Oliver. He had a good three years here, and we enjoyed every moment with him.

Oliver is, of course, now sitting on my desk, nudging my face and hands, covering me in drool and making it impossible to type. He's a charming old man, and needs a little extra love at the moment, which I am happy to give him.

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