Monday, March 7, 2011


We got a call from the vet today. Hubby took the kitties to the vet on Saturday (both in the same carrier - hilarious) and they did bloodwork on Oliver. Turns out that he has kidney disease. We've known for a few years. When he first showed up on the porch we got him up to about 15lbs - a healthy weight for his size. He's been at 10.8 for a few years now. Scary, when you take away all the fur, how skinny he is. But he's not losing more weight, and the vet says we are doing all the right things.
It was sad to hear that he definitely does have kidney disease. We don't know how old he is because he was a stray, but my guess is about 14 or so (I've had him for eight years). The good news is that is progressing slowly, and he seems happy for a cranky old man. He really is the sweetest kitty. He puts up with the rest of our zoo, and all he wants in return is water from the tap in the bathroom.
Sweet boy. If I could make him a new kidney I would. For now, I'll just keep feeding him the crap food he wants to eat (really? Friskies over the expensive stuff? Well, at least it's not poop.) and letting the water in the bathroom drip all day...

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