Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Match Made in Leather

I am a bit of a sucker when it comes to shoes – if someone sends me a coupon for shoes in my lovely little inbox, I click, I look, I try to figure out what shoes I need, and sometimes I fall in love.

My shoe lust of the week are a pair of Dr. Martens.  This surprised me more than I can say - I haven’t worn Docs since the 90s when Seattle Grunge was the thing, and frankly I never thought I would again.  They’re wonderful shoes, but I’d traded in my grunge look for something a little more contemporary.

Then I saw these….

And I couldn’t help but think that these little shoes would go oh so well with my Poppy Garden Lace Cuff….

The Poppy Garden Lace Cuff - Handmade leather cut-out poppy cuff - Moxie and Oliver

And both just in time to usher in spring!

Of note – from a shoe obsessed gal with a little too much knowledge about these things, the Dr. Martens Ceri are made in Vietnam, unlike the traditional UK made Docs.  They’re also a cement construction shoe, where the sole is glued directly to the base of the upper – it’s not welted sole.  The reason I mention this is because my stepmother recently showed me a pair of Keens where the sole just split.  Most Keens are not welted, either, so they’re impossible to re-soul.  Because the sole is so thin on the Docs, I imagine that if you wore it out you could have another sole added, though you couldn’t remove the existing one and have it replaced.

More on soles later, when I stop wanting to write “soul”.



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