Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring is in the air


For some reason, spring for me means the abandonment of socks and my purse.  My husband says that my feet are dirty all summer from working in the yard and walking around with sandals and no socks on.  This morning, my daughter actually told me the very same thing – that my feet are all dirty.

Neither of them seem to notice I stop carrying a purse, and just take my wallet with, but it’s a little more subtle in the eyes of a man or a two-year-old than dirty feet are.  I notice, though.  I feel a bit lighter, and a little more free, with just my wallet.  But when the wallet is liberated from the purse, it better be interesting! So here are eight new clutch wallets – I’m pairing the second one with my favorite pair of summer shoes, the Crocs Adrina Flat in Aqua/Celery.  I never thought I’d be a Crocs girl, but these are incredibly comfortable, easy to clean (spray them with the hose!) and come in fabulous colors, much like my wallets!

So grab your sandals and a new clutch wallet, and get ready for summer!  I’m headed to get a cider and pretend that Seattle is a few degrees warmer than it is.




1. Julia Clutch Wallet in Sage, Gold, White and Antique Brown. $115.

2. Amy Clutch Wallet in Pink, Turquoise, Yellow and Antique Black. $110.

3. Peacock Clutch Wallet in Sage, Silver, Yellow, Turquoise and Antique Black. $135

4. Holland Clutch Wallet in Turquoise, Yellow, Green and Antique Brown. $115.

5. Poppy Garden Clutch Wallet in Pink, Jade, Yellow and Antique Black. $135

6. Traveler Clutch Wallet in Orange and Antique Tan. $115

7. Honeybee Clutch Wallet in Sage, White, Orange, Gold and Antique Black. $110

8. Smokey Personalized Clutch Wallet in Blue. $115

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