Monday, September 17, 2012

Mutual Appreciation

How could I get customer appreciation photos and not let you all know how much I appreciate you?  Well, I can’t. You all have been fabulous to me over the last eight years, and have made it possible for me to continue doing what I’m doing – making lots of fun things out of leather. I’m so grateful, every day, when I get to get up and go to work for myself, making thing for you!

Anyway, this week I received two customer photos of their Moxie and Oliver wares at work.  The first is the Hive Mandolin Strap (fixed length) shown with a customer’s lovely new mandolin:

2012-09-15 10.10.05 (2)

Doesn’t it look perfect?  I love the warmth of the mandolin with the strap.  Thanks for sending it along, Carole!

The second set of photos comes from my old neighbor, Alice, from Bohemian Hellhole (quite a wonderful blog if you have the chance to read it).  This is a set of four cabinet pulls I made for her new home.  They’re in the Blaise pattern, and will soon be available through my website!




I love this last photo.  It’s so serene and the pulls look amazing! I’m about to start ripping apart my house to figure out what I can put them on.



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