Monday, October 1, 2012

Hotel Key Case

One of my fascinations is decorating my house with leather in unusual places.  I don’t always have the brain power to switch modes and work with another medium, so anything I need done around the house is usually done in leather, when possible.

A few months back I found this fabulous hotel key case at Second Use – a local salvage yard.  I’ve gotten some great things there and totally stalked their website when I was looking for pieces for the studio (more on this to come).  When this piece popped up I had to have it – we have so many keys I don’t even know what to do with them.  The idea of hanging them in a refurbished antique turned art object was irresistible.  So, for $75 (yeah, I probably could have built it for less, but then it wouldn’t have been antique!) I got this:

IMG_9438 (2)IMG_9444

I loved the old hooks and the scrawled numbers, but the fabric backing was in terrible shape.  I unscrewed all of the little hooks, then cut myself a sheet of leather the size of the back, and got to work.  I measured and pre-punched the holes for the hooks (I cut down the number since I don’t have 100+ keys – I think I was left with about 48 holes)


This is one of the larger pieces I’ve done recently, so it was a bit of an adventure.  It’s bigger than my workspace so I was often working sideways, trying to get everything branded and painted.

When the leather was done I painted the outside of the cabinet and added a little caulk to keep the glass in.  Then I glued the leather to the back, re-inserted all the little hooks, and made a set of key chains for all the keys I have (see – there are a lot!!).  Here’s the finished piece:



So, what do you think?  (And yes, I’ll post more photos when I figure out how to hang it on the wall!)



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