Saturday, September 1, 2012

Breaking from the making

Away for the weekend, the studio is closed, the baby is sleeping, so I'm shopping online and thinking these:
Indigo by Clark Women's Plush Bea Shoe
(the Clarks Plush Bea in Gray Green) would look fabulous with this:

The Rebecca Lace Cuff - Handmade leather cuff with flowers - Moxie and Oliver

(the Rebecca Lace Cuff) for a last tribute to summer.  Leather breathes so it works year-round, though a solid leather shoe or leather cuff seems a little heavy for the warmer seasons, at least to me. The subtle cut-outs in both these pieces give them a lightness that is ideal for the bridge seasons - spring and fall - and the non-white neutrals help you not tempt fate with the fashion gods by wearing white after Labor Day!

I am obsessing over these shoes because I have the Clarks Plush Madras from last season (four pairs in three different colors - two of the black since I was convinced I'd wear one pair out by using them every day, but not yet!) and they're amazing.  They stretched out pretty quickly and are now like wearing a tight, sturdy, glove of a shoe. I can walk in them all day and not get a blister or sore feet.  But, as of February, I have my sweet little Celtic tiger tattoo on my foot, and want to show it off.  So I'm looking for the perfect summer tattoo shoe.  Any suggestions?


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