Thursday, March 22, 2012

Better Late Than Never


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I struggle every year about what to get my husband for our anniversary.  This year was our sixth – the candy anniversary?  What???? Or iron.  Yeah, I’ve never been one to follow the traditional, plus my husband has been pestering me for a solid black belt for ages.  When I found the Oval Frame Buckle on Alere Modern, I knew that was the perfect complement to the black belt.  It is simple enough that he can wear it to work, and unique enough that he not only doesn’t have anything like it (and he has quite a belt/buckle collection as you can imagine) but nobody else will have one either. 

So I made him the belt I am calling the Anniversary Belt, and if you have a guy or gal with, um, more restrained taste (or someone who works a stuffy office job like my hubby) this might just be the perfect fit.  It’s a solid black belt, with your choice of number of “notches” on the end.  We’ve got six to represent our six married years together.  I love the combination of the subtle sentimental touch with the versatile black belt.  Works with any buckle (heel bar, center bar, or rodeo/trophy style).

He loved it, too, even though it was 2+ weeks late.



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