Monday, March 24, 2014

Daddy’s Wallet

mighty fold 1

mighty fold 2mighty fold 4

If I didn’t make wallets for a living I imagine I would find it really frustrating that my husband keeps losing his wallets.  Then finding them again – this most recent time in my daughter’s sock drawer.

It always gives me an excuse to design a new wallet style, which I enjoy.  The trouble with him is always the pattern.  He’s simple in aesthetics – likes solid colors, and maintains his favorite color is gray.  His only request is a wallet that folds.

So I altered the “Mighty Wallet” to create the “Mighty Fold” Front Pocket Wallet It’s about the same size when closed, and has four card slots on the inside with space behind for more cards or cash. 

My favorite part about this one is the inscription.  A quote from our almost four year old daughter:

“Daddy works hard for the money.”

I don’t think he’ll lose this one.



(ps: The Mighty Fold Wallet in the Smokey Pattern is available at and can be personalized with up to 200 characters of your choosing)

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