Monday, March 10, 2014

A Give-Away: Music to Your Ears?



Late last year I was contacted by someone named Michael at Universal Music Group.  He said he loved my work and wanted to know if I was interested in doing gifting for the 2014 Grammy Awards.  My first question was:  How much does it cost?

His answer? Nothing. 

What??? The last time I did gifting not only did I have to give away almost 100 pieces, but I had to pay to participate in the gifting suite. But, Universal Music wasn’t hiring a firm this time around, they were doing it themselves.

Always appreciating the value of hard work, I said okay, but for artists only (this made it 60 pieces instead of 400 which was MUCH more manageable given the timeframe that we were working in). 

The icing on the cake was that Michael sent us two big boxes of CDs as a thank-you.  We’ve discovered some new bands that we like – my son loves Empire of the Sun – and some that we aren’t so fond of, but we’ve enjoyed listening to all the CDs that he sent.

So what’s the give-away? Are you sick of my story yet?  Well, when I made the flasks I put a Bob Marley quote on the front and our logo on the back as well as an edition number.  We made 62 flasks.  I sent 60 to Universal and kept two.  One is going in my son’s timecapsule (he will get it when he is an adult, or 21, whichever comes later) and one can be yours, if you win it!

What I want from you is simple.  Head over to the Moxie and Oliver Facebook page and find the giveaway post.  Leave your answer to this question in the comments:  “What leather-related question would you most like answered?” This can be anything from how something is made, to what you can do with leather, to how you can care for it, etc.  As long as it is leather-related, it’s fair game.

Because this question requires a little thought I will leave the entries open through Midnight Pacific DAYLIGHT time on Tuesday March 18, 2014.  I will announce the winner on my Facebook page so be sure to “Like” it to see the winner.

I look forward to hearing your burning leather questions! (hehe)

- Caitlin


molly mae culligan said...

Will washing leather with water dry it out?

Kirsten Skiles said...

I don't have a specific question, but I would like to learn more about the inks/paints that you use to color the leather.