Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday at the Studio




So when we set up the studio, we didn’t really set it up for baking.  I bought these gluten free cake mixes from Wholesome Chow  that I decided to bring to the studio to try.  But I have no measuring cups.  And I have no  baking pans, so I had to improvise – I used the scale to measure out 10oz soy milk (1.25 cups, if you’re wondering) and 2oz oil.  I totally guessed on the vinegar since it was only a teaspoon.  I love apple cider vinegar like nobody’s business, so I figured a little more wouldn’t hurt.  And I baked it in a le Creuset enameled pot

The end result – It’s good for gluten free. We did the chocolate lavender cake a few weeks ago, and I think that one was better, but it might just be because it’s chocolate.  I enjoyed this one but wasn’t quite so tempted to eat the entire thing.

So on to the leather creative endeavor!  I’m working on a “diaper bag” for a friend, who I hope isn’t reading this post.  If so, I suppose she’ll have something to get excited about for the week.  She’s pregnant for the first time – any guesses what’ she’s having?  The last shot above are the front and back of her bag (though truthfully I’m not sure which is which).  Time to dye it and put the hardware on to prepare for stitching!

Tomorrow:  pressure wash and paint the house.  Hard labor day!



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