Monday, August 5, 2013

Orange + Sage = Obsession

alabama clutch 4

I get fixated on colors. Like, really fixated.  I have to paint everything these colors until I am sick of them, and then I am on to another set.  Right now, the current obsession is orange and sage.

For want of a new wallet (and need – carrying around too many different cards and paint chips!) I made myself the Alabama Oversize Clutch in, what else, but orange, sage and silver with an antique black finish.  It works perfectly because I also carry as my purse/diaper bag the Alabama Travel Bag. I love that the two pieces match, but aren’t exactly the same.  Both have sage and silver, but they are in different places in the pattern, and one is antique black and the other antique brown.

Checking on the Pantone Color Report for Fall 2013 I think I may have to switch my obsession to Emerald and Koi, or maybe Linden Green and Koi?  Those are close.

But on to more important things – what to paint next.  How about the house? An icky beige house couldn’t want anything more than to be a wonderful sage green.  So that’s how I’ve spent my Monday – can of paint and brush in hand, and a little helper by my side.



Can you tell where my three-year-old helped me with her little foam brush?  Too cute.  Most of it ended up on her feet, though, and with this initial round my husband decided that I was painting the house “mint chocolate chip” so we took a detour to the paint store, went a shade darker, and it’s a little sagier this time.  Got the orange for the doors, too.  My helper is really excited about that!

More to come soon.  And I’m listing those Oversize Clutches on my website, with the option of wrist/shoulder straps.  I’m thinking I should add one to mine, since my arms are mostly full of children!


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