Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Guitar Straps for Picky Pickers

aloha strap 4butterfly strap 3linea carved strap 4worker bee strap 3

Usually right after Christmas I start making straps for the bluegrass festival that happens in Bellevue, WA every February. This year I took a break from the festival – it’s four days, and it is a lot of booth time each day (I think around 12 hours or so) which was fine and dandy the first year since I was pregnant with our daughter.  The second and third years, my husband came with to watch our little girl, but pregnant with a little boy and watching a 2.5 year old seemed like more than I wanted to bite off.  So, I took a pass.

What I’ve been noticing is that the handy racks we built at the studio for the guitar straps have been terribly empty this year.  Usually I make 60 or so straps for Wintergrass, and I always have extras.  Now, though, I maybe have 10 straps in stock.  We still make a lot of personalized and custom guitar straps. It’s not the same, though, as having a wall of straps to look at.

So I’ve decided for the next two weeks to focus on making a few new guitar straps.  I’ll be adding them to the website as they are made and you can find them in the Guitar Straps section of the site.

The adding to the website might not go that quickly though – that baby I was pregnant with during Wintergrass is now four months old, and has entered the “Wakeful” period!  Oy.  Apparently this corresponds with my “sleepless” period.

Anyway, I’m doing a combination of some branded and some carved pieces, so head on over to check them out – even if you don’t play, I am sure there is someone in your life (perhaps someone special) who does.



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