Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Perfect Pair


Stunning silver jewelry and a rugged leather belt make a wonderful, handcrafted, pair.  These photos are courtesy Jo of I Dream I Can Fly.  She’s a talented silversmith – my favorites are her cast animal pieces with their abstracted forms.  The bird was one of her first, and I actually gave one to my mom a few years back.  It’s such a satisfyingly simple bird shape – chubby and sweet, just reminiscent enough of a bird that you know what it is. 

Jo always gets wonderful photos, and more than a few have included my belts!  The belt she is wearing in this shoot is the Nelly Belt, a western-inspired pattern that I’ve put my own style on.  This was actually where the (slight) obsession with cow skulls and wild roses came from, and they’ve made their way into quite a few patterns since.

Hope you enjoy these! And now, back to answering email…



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