Thursday, August 4, 2011



So it is no secret that I have a little bit of a shoe fetish.  This is why, next month, I’m going to learn how to make shoes of my very own.  It seems like the natural progression from making leather accessories for the last seven years.  I spoke to one of the people who runs it today, and after looking at my website, she told me I’d be in 7th Heaven being able to make shoes, and I think she is right.

I was inspired after finding Yoma shoes when I was in Brighton.  They have a little shop in the North Laines, and it is full of adorable sandals with flowers attached.  How could I resist?  Well, fortunately for me they didn’t have everything I wanted in my size (or I would have needed a new suitcase to bring it all home) but I did pick up a pair of these:


but in black (I was trying to be practical).  They are relatively reasonable at about 50 pounds a pair (I think that’s about $85? Or it was then).  But it really got me thinking – I could make some wickedly cool sandals with my leather lace patterns, or flowers riveted on.  And in September, I get to learn!

So that’s my leather post for the day.  If you happen to be in Brighton I highly recommend checking out the Yoma store.  What was funny was that they don’t get great reviews when you do a Google search precisely because they have a distinct style.  The shoes are comfortable, though, and seem to be built well (they are made in Spain).  I found the sizing to be a little inconsistent, and I’d tend to recommend the sandals over the closed-toe shoes.  It may just be the way my wacky feet work, but my toes always felt like the shoe was hitting my toenail, which isn’t terribly comfortable.  One thing I do know about leather is that it stretches out over time, so where the shoes may start out a little tight, they would loosen up with wear.  More on that later, when I bring you a fabulous deal on my favorite pair of shoes!



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