Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A place to rest your feet

I have been thinking a lot recently about the things I can make with leather that aren’t your standard bag, belt, shoes (coming soon!!), and other wearables. One day it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, our dining room chairs could use some new Moxie and Oliver leather seats.  And that Ottoman in the living room that has fuzzy gold fabric on it, well, it could use a makeover too.  Then, of course, I renewed my obsession with leather ottomans….  where I would put one, I have no idea, but here are a few favorites!

A few years ago I found a leather ottoman on Horchow and absolutely fell in love. Knowing what I know about that site, it seemed best to wait for a sale.  They routinely send out coupon codes that can be up to 25% on furniture.  It would be totally worth it to wait.  So I waited, got a coupon code, and went to buy and they were gone.  Not just out of stock, completely disappeared.  And customer service said they didn’t know what I was talking about!  Well, I’m not nuts, because someone else found them, and here they are:


They’re actually technically nail head storage cubes, I guess, and they are covered in white leather with geometric nail head patterns.  I was in love, but waited just a little too long.  The very same blog where I found the pictures of these lovelies also had a picture of this one, which I love even more (but alas, still unavailable, because it is from Horchow):

Horchow also has a fantastic Silver Leather Pouf that I can’t seem to grab the photo to, but luckily, some other stores have it in other fabulous colors for about the same price ($199-$250 range).  The turquoise one from Buy.com is awesome (though if I were to get one, I’d opt for silver just to torture my husband):

Anyway, where totally stuffed leather pouf-like ottomans are on my list, I think I better learn to decorate with them before making or buying them.  And clear some space in my living room. Right now, I have two little ottomans to strip and re-cover with leather of my very own.  Progress photos coming soon…



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