Monday, August 1, 2011

Everything you love about leather


So over the last few months I have done a bit of soul searching. I love to write, and I actually really enjoy the process of blogging, but I tend to get a little too scattered.  In my life I’ve tried to be more of a renaissance woman than an expert in anything, but after seven years of working with leather, I think I’m approaching a certain expertise.  And along the way, I’ve gained some useful knowledge that I would love to share with my friends, fans, and anyone on the internet who happens to find me.

Today is a virtual ribbon-cutting on the grand re-opening of the Moxie & Oliver blog.  From now on, I’m focusing my blogging efforts on leather.  What it is (there are more types than you may know),  what to buy, and how to care for it once you have it.  And since I am already trying one new thing, I thought I’d try a second as well.

My very first video!  Over the years leather can crack and show signs of wear.  Some people like that look (I am one of them) while others like something that looks new all the time.  In this video, I illustrate an easy way to make your wallet, purse, belt, or other leather piece look like new again.  Anyone can do it, and it requires three things:  dye, topcoat, and paper towels.  I do also recommend rubber (or nitrile, or vinyl) gloves, since the dye will discolor your hands, too.

Restoring the Jasmine Wallet

That’s all for now.  My goal is to bring you some form of leather goodness at least three times a week, so be sure to follow my blog, and maybe even the YouTube channel – I’ll be posting more simple how to videos soon.

Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome How-To! I may give this a go on an old leather purse I inherited. Thanks :)