Friday, January 7, 2011

Well, poo....

I wish I had better news to report, and this news is particularly hard for me. I don't usually do giveaways, promotions, etc., and with my new life and love for the world (as experienced through my six-month-old daughter) I've loosened up a bit, and this holiday season decided to give a few of them a try.

And I learned a lesson in the process.

I learned that the promotions that are within my sole control are a good idea. Ones that require collaboration are not. After weeks and weeks of trying, I have been completely unsuccessful in getting in touch with Veronica Willngham, the artist who was supposed to be giving away earrings to my customers.

And I am sick about this.

Some of the would-be earring recipients were old customers and friends, some were new. I believe in my heart that the people that I have worked with before know that I never would have done a giveaway on a whim, or without reason to trust the person I was working with on it. And I didn't. And I wouldn't. But as I have learned people may change, and things don't always work out the way that you plan.

So because the only thing I have control of is me, I will be giving something to all those who were supposed to receive earrings and did not. It will be in the form of Moxie & Oliver goods (trust me, you don't want earrings that I make - it's been years and the last set involved fishing lures), so if you were supposed to and did not receive your earrings, please contact me by email (caitlin [at] before January 31.

Thanks for your understanding and support - and happy 2011!

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