Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cleaning House

So this year my resolution was to get rid of everything I don't use - I've taken three carloads of stuff to Goodwill so far this year (yep, only the 15th, so that's pretty good in my book!) and now we are down from having three fake trees to just two. It's a long story, but we're actually keeping the two. One for real presents, one for white elephant presents. And they're only 3 feet tall, so they don't take up that much space... I know, excuses, excuses.

But I'm cleaning out my studio, too. Getting rid of old stuff, making room for new work. I actually have a whopping 1/4 of my shop in my SALE section and everything in the SALE section is 40% off through the end of the month! It's all one of a kind, so be sure to not pass it up if you want it!

And happy new year!


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