Saturday, October 19, 2013

Traditional Metis Beadwork–in leather


For the last few weeks (maybe almost six at this point) I have been working on a series of pieces for the Metis Nation. I honestly think this is one of the most meaningful projects that I’ve ever done – transferring traditional Metis beadwork patterns into leather.

The simplicity and floral patterns present in the beadwork pieces fused wonderfully with my instinctual style, and I was given a variety of beadwork patterns to choose from, so had the opportunity to see how a range of pieces would transfer.

The result is a body of work I am truly in love with.  Each piece is unique and has elements of my style but is clearly a Metis beadwork pattern at the same time.  The Metis will be selling these at events in Eastern Canada this holiday season, but if you see one that you can’t live without, let me know and I will put you in touch with someone who can sell it to you!

beadwork journal antique blackbeadwork journal antique brownmetis bifold 1ametis bifold 1bmetis bifold 2ametis bifold 2bmetis bifold 3ametis bifold 4ametis bifold 4bmetis clutch 2ametis clutch 2bmetis clutch 2cmetis clutch 3ametis clutch 3bmetis clutch 3cmetis clutch 4ametis clutch 4bmetis clutch 4cmetis clutch 5ametis clutch 5bmetis clutch 5cmetis clutch 6a (2)metis clutch 6b (2)metis clutch 6cmetis clutch 7ametis clutch 7bmetis clutch 7cmetis clutch 8ametis clutch 8bMetis clutch wallet 1aMetis clutch wallet 1bMetis clutch wallet 1cmetis pouch 1ametis pouch 1bmetis pouch 1cmetis pouch 1dmetis pouch 2ametis pouch 2bmetis pouch 2cmetis pouch 2dmetis pouch 3ametis pouch 3bmetis pouch 3cmetis pouch 3dmetis pouch 4ametis pouch 4bmetis pouch 4cmetis pouch 4dmetis pouch 5ametis pouch 5bmetis pouch 5cmetis pouch 6ametis pouch 6bmetis pouch 6cMetis pouch 6dmetis tray 1ametis tray 1bmetis tray 1cmetis tray 1dmetis tray 2ametis tray 2bmetis tray 2cmetis tray 2dmetis trifold 1ametis trifold 1bmetis trifold 2ametis trifold 2bmetis trifold 3bstocking antique blackstocking antique browntray antique blacktray antique brown



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