Monday, September 16, 2013

Not your Grandmother’s stockings


I start thinking about Christmas a little earlier than most people – I have to start stocking up my wares, applying for holiday craft shows, and of course, making Christmas Stockings.  I made four for my family earlier this year, but decided it was time to come up with a few new patterns.  I started making these a few years back because I was making felt Christmas stockings for everyone in my family, and I’m convinced (mostly) that anything that I can make out of fabric I can also make out of leather. It may not be comfortable (leather crew socks, anyone?) but I can make it.

This year it seems a few people have been starting to think about Christmas early – we’re already getting stocking orders from both wholesale and retail customers – and I’d recommend you do, too (if you celebrate it – still working on that leather Menorah…).  That way, you can get a personalized leather Christmas stocking that will hang artfully from your mantle, and that Santa will never forget.



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