Monday, September 30, 2013

Mighty Mini Wallet


My family goes to Vancouver every year for Labour Day, and this year while trying to get the littlest Moxie to sleep I decided it would be best to go for a walk with him.  I took out an old business card case, shoved in my credit card and ID, and off we went!

It was pretty much the perfect fit since it went nicely into my pocket, and held all I really needed to impulsively purchase things on my walk.  A pouch, I thought, was the perfect minimalist wallet.  But it could be better.

I get a lot of requests for wallets with coin compartments in them.  Mostly from customers in Europe, Canada and Australia, but some from the US as well. I know cash is no longer king in many parts of the US, but for the people and the parts of the world that still use it, a coin pocket in a wallet is a must.  And, most “minimalist” wallets don’t include one!

So with a few tweaks, I made my little pouch into the Mighty Minimalist Wallet, or the Mighty Mini Wallet for short(er).  It has two card slots on the back, plus a secure pocket for coins and cash so that if you happen to carry cash, you won’t accidentally send it through the washing machine from stuffing it into the pockets of your jeans.  Genius! And if you don’t carry cash, you can of course use that secure pocket for additional cards (or both cash and cards, if you are so compelled).

I made up ten new styles and have listed them in my shop.   The Sugar Skull No. 1 Mighty Mini Wallet may be my favorite. It’s so hard to decide!

Antsy baby, and time to roast some veggies for dinner – more coming soon!



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