Monday, June 24, 2013

Mailbag Mondays


poppy monogram front

So I missed Mailbag Monday last week for two reasons – one is because it was “Moving Monday” instead, where I helped my husband run around getting supplies and pack things up for our move.  The other was because it also happened to be “Medication Monday”, since both my daughter and I started antibiotics for strep throat.

This week, though, is different.  We’re better, and the first load of things went to the new house.  I’m feeling like we’ve reached the halfway mark with this move – I can see the end now, which I couldn’t before.  So that means I also have a little more clarity of mind and can mail my very dear friend her Poppy Garden Monogram Flask.  She and her husband spent the day yesterday helping us rip out carpet at the new house, so after that experience I am sure she can put this to good use!

I decided to make these flasks because I thought they would make wonderful bridesmaid gifts – I always see the monogram flasks being given as groomsmen gifts and wonder why the guys should have all the fun.  I can also customize them to match your wedding colors and flowers.

And now time to attend to the electronic mailbag (and watch Mad Men!)



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