Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blu Dot Swap


A long, long time ago – at this point I don’t even know how long, maybe in March? – I submitted a bid for something called the Blu Dot Swap.  I guess they do this every year, where they post an online swap meet and you can tell them what you would trade for a piece of Blu Dot furniture. Well, I proposed 35 logo flasks for a Dodu Queen Bed. We’ve never had a bed frame, and I was so wrapped up in the excitement of getting one that I totally forgot why we’d never had one – they won’t fit up our stairs. These older houses weren’t meant for large, modern furniture and the truth of the matter is that sometimes it just doesn’t fit through the doors.

Blu Dot was both nice enough to accept my bid (I did a major happy dance and for days felt like I’d just won the lottery!) and to change the swap for some furniture that would fit in my studio instead.  I don’t even remember all we’re getting, but I know it includes some aqua Real Good Counterstools and a yellow Watt Floor Lamp.

They also requested some changes to the original proposal – a smaller logo (not to exceed 2” in diameter, since apparently there is such a thing as too much company pride!) and to match the Pantone color of their logo. Easy enough, once I had the color chip.

We finished the flasks and sent them out last week.  Here’s a little photo essay of the process.  More photos coming when we get our swap meet goodies!












Blu dot flasks main

blu dot flasks set

blu dot single back

Blu dot single front

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