Friday, June 1, 2012

The Best Father's Day Ideas

Moms are easy - the best Mother's Day is breakfast in bed, working in the garden, maybe a nice massage, and meal with the family (and something sparkly as a gift, at least in my book). Moms like the sentimental gift from the kids and/or from dad that represents her children and her family.

Dads, on the other hand, seem a bit more complicated when it comes to finding the best Father's Day gift.  I'm all about the creative Father's Day presents you can make with your kids, even the homemade Father's Day Tie, but I think that the thing a good father wanst most is a gift that bears the same sentiment that every mother wants, but in a more subtle package.  Something that he can carry around, wear, or look to make him feel like the "#1 Dad" while still letting him maintain his strong demeanor.

While deciding on what to make my husband for Father's Day, I knew I wanted to make him a custom gift, that reflected his role as a father.  After reading quite a few quotes about fathers and quotes about Father's Day, I decided on a personalized guitar strap with the following quote:

"I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection."
~ Sigmund Freud

It's short, sweet, and reflects how my husband sees himself as a father.  I also think it's particularly pogniant since our daughter is going to be two the week after father's day, and a pumpkin that size just needs all the protection of her daddy!

If guitar playing isn't your dad/husband's thing, I think a personalized leather wallet is a great way to go.  My quote of choice for this one is:

"A father carries pictures where his money used to be."
~ Unknown

I do also love the idea of asking your kids (assuming they're old enough) what they'd like to say to dad on Father's Day, and having that inscribed on the wallet. When I was a kid, my father always said I wrote the best cards - they always made him cry - and I think of this wallet like a card that he can keep in his pocket for years to come, without worrying about the edges getting ripped and falling apart.

As for activities, I haven't a clue.  We've got a little girl, so a Father's Day tea party might be in order!

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