Sunday, October 30, 2011

Studio, coming soon.

IMG_0002 (1500x1000)

This is my current hovel.  And the day that this photo was taken it was actually pretty clean. I’m a little terrified to measure it but I think it is probably around 200sf.  In the basement where it is cold, cold in the winter.  I do have a small darkroom off to the side where I dye and pack the pieces, as well as a tiny display wall.  All told, really, I think the entire thing is the size of a small bedroom.

But last month, my sweet, sweet, husband finally let me talk him in to this:

IMG_0260 (1500x1000)IMG_0264 (1500x1000)

A 20’ by 30’ garage.  Unfinished.  In need of love and style, but absolutely huge.  I think you could fit four cars in there.  And I’m going to use it for my studio.  HURRAY!  The very day it was officially ours I went to the ReStore and found some used building materials to help it along.  I’m going for an Industrial/Modern English Garden sort of look.  Crazy?  Sure, but I think if anyone can pull it off I can.


IMG_3739 (1500x1125)IMG_3742 (1500x1125)

That’s the tub.  A bathroom just doesn’t feel complete without one, and my studio needs a bathroom.  I thought I’d go for a clawfoot or some sort of pedastal, but when I found this I fell in love with the lines.  I think surrounded by some brightly colored tile it will be perfect.


IMG_3750 (1500x1125)IMG_3751 (1500x1125)IMG_3752 (1500x1125)

And these are the cabinets, less the cardboard cut-out.  They’re vintage metal cabinets, which is what I decided I wanted, and are in great condition.  They’re clean and are all white, with a hideous countertop I plan on removing (more on that later). 

IMG_3749 (1500x1125)

This, although awesome, I didn’t buy because I just couldn’t justify finding a place for it.  I love little drawers but find that I don’t use them.  I really need to be able to see where things are, and I haven’t mastered the x-ray superpower yet.  So I let it be.  Besides, $250 seemed a little insane.

So that’s the current studio status.  I’ve been planning, and planning, and planning what it is going to look like.  I’m excited and totally anxious.  I think I’ll be moving in spring!!




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