Saturday, September 24, 2011

Think Shoes

I'm at Shoe School this week. 

9.5 hour days, away from my daughter and husband.  I'm spending the time after she sleeps looking for Vegetable Tanned leather shoes. I've been told that I can't make Vegetable Tanned Leather shoes.  

At first this was depressing.

It is morphing into inspiring/motivating, as I remember that I've never been one to do what people said I should do, and to stop when they said that I could not.  Telling me I can't have something is always a fabulous way of making sure that I will obsess over it.

I will make some fabulous shoes out of vegetable tanned leather.



The photo above are Think! shoes, and I find them pretty inspiring.  The Aida shoes remind me of shoes Gretel would wear when she grows up.


Bookslinger said...

Great attitude! I for I hope to be able to purchase some of your "oh yes I can use vegetable dyed leather" shoes one day!

Bookslinger said...

I for "1"...