Monday, June 2, 2014

A Custom Guest Book–It’s Wedding Season!


So between trying to bang out chapters for my book on leathercraft (being published Summer 2015), filling orders, chasing after babies, and trying to make some progress ridding our house of the hideous colors left by the old owners, it’s wedding season. 

Now, most years wedding seasons would pass me by unnoticed, but this year is different.  So far this year I’ve had three cousins get married.  I have 30-some-odd cousins, so by volume it’s not that many, but still.   Still to come, that I’m aware of, are one more cousin wedding, two friend weddings, and my stepdad is getting married as well.

All this to say that I’m really getting into this wedding gift thing.  And wedding favors.  I will be doing a lot of those, too.

This guest book is our wedding gift to friends of ours who are getting hitched in about two weeks.  I loved the art deco feel of the invitation, so I used some of the stylistic elements, and the fonts, to create the pattern for the guest book.

For another layer of personalization, I added their names and their wedding date on the inside cover.  Not that either of them would ever forget…

ben and calsee 1ben and calsee 2ben and calsee 3ben and calsee 4

A handmade guest book makes a wonderful wedding gift, of course, and I have a growing collection on the Moxie and Oliver website.  I am also happy to do custom guest books by request – you can send me a scan of the invitation, or just give me some direction on what you would like.  Super heros? Sugar skulls? Something more traditional? Yes, I can do that.  Just send me an email ( with your custom request.

I hope all of y’all are getting out and enjoying the spring. It’s warm here, and that always makes it a little hard to stay inside and work.  This is why I think people in Seattle are so creative – it’s dreary here nine months out of the year, and we have to stay inside.  There’s nothing better to do when you’re a shut-in than to make stuff.



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