Monday, February 4, 2013

Western Roots

western belle 5 (1500x1000)western belle 1 (1500x1000)western belle 2 (1500x1000)western belle 3 (1500x1000)western belle 4 (1500x1000)

Three days a week I have a lovely studio assistant, and usually on Saturdays I’m flying solo, working on new patterns, new pieces, new ideas.  During the week I’m energized and I feel productive – on Saturdays, work slows down, and by the end of the day, I’m totally exhausted.

Creating new pieces is exciting and fulfilling, but it truthfully wears me out.  I have to think long and hard about every step along the way.  I need to be sure I draw and cut the pattern correctly, that the holes align, then I have to cut the leather and choose the pattern, think about the colors, choose the hardware color and style.  At some point, though, I reach the end of the line, and I have a finished piece.

This bag went back a bit to the western roots that I often visit in shape, but a traditional “Western” style (the tooled version) would be a much thicker leather, and the sides would be laced.  I chose to make it out of a thinner leather to cut down on the weight, and also to let it soften up and even become a little slouchy when you start using it.  The bag won’t lose it’s shape, but it will get that wonderful worn-in leather look that is oh-so-satisfying.  I also chose the stitching over the lacing for a cleaner, more modern look.  The stitching shows off the pattern, and a hand-stitched handbag is (in my opinion) the most durable construction. 

The Belle Western Handbag is available through and we’re sure (my lovely studio assistant and stitching helper who wanted to steal it from inventory) that you’ll love it as much as we do!



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