Sunday, August 15, 2010

What I'd like to create...

My main problem these days is not enough free time. I feel on some level I can learn to do anything if I just have the time to do it - not the mastery of 10,000 hours (which I think I am getting close to in leather) but just enough to be passable.

One of the things high on my priority list when I do get the time to do it is to create a large gate. When we bought the house six years ago, my husband, stepfather and I put in a brick wall. It took ten times as long as we thought it would because none of had any masonry experience and really couldn't estimate it, but we got it done and it looks fantastic. And remarkably, is still standing. I can't help but think it would look all the more incredible with a unique gate in the front, keeping the neighborhood riffraff out!

I go back and forth about the design, but it would definitely be some sort of cut out steel (I don't think that leather would be very durable for this particular project). There is a place locally that does laser cutting, so I was thinking I would design the gate on whatever that Adobe program is, that I don't know how to use, and then have it made, then weld it into a frame, which I don't know how to build.

But this is why we artists have artist friends in other mediums, right? So, does anyone know how to use that Adobe program? I think it is called Illustrator? It hasn't had much of a place in leather work over the years, but as soon as it does, I will learn, and will have one less thing on my "things I wish I knew how to do, but don't" list.

Then I will just need to learn how to weld... which I'd love to know how to do anyway!

Happy weekend all, I hope you are feeling better than I am!


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Anonymous said...

LOL. I enjoyed your. post. A gate , is a must. Meanwhile, I know someone who knows how to use allllll those programs ;)

Carol Dean said...

I know at least one friend of yours who not only knows Illustrator but loves working on things like this. hmmm...Oh wait, I see she has commented already!

Feel better, Caitlin! *hugs*

Alice Istanbul said...

That was a very different kind of answer. I love it! I can't wait to see your new gate, eventually :)

novadesigns said...

I see Ande already volunteered otherwise I was going to say that I also know my way around illustrator. :o)
I'd love to see that gate!

jewelrybynatsuko said...

sounds wonderful! I wish I know how to work with illustrators & such... I could have your beautiful leather for trade!