Sunday, May 9, 2010

Taking the weekend off

I have to say I'm feeling a little more relaxed this weekend than I normally do - not that I am refraining from working on orders and new work, but more that I'm not stressed about it.

See, this is the first weekend in several years that I don't have a "Monday morning" to look forward to. Friday was my last official day of work in the real world.

But I was out all last week with a broken foot.

That said, I'm feeling relaxed, and my mind is clearing a little, letting new work, sunshine, flowers, and thoughts of things to come in. Today while my husband has been reading comics (after so graciously mowing the lawn and picking up the dog poop - maybe the broken foot isn't so bad??) I've been working on some letters for the baby's room.

Everyone seems to do it these days, and I looked and looked at letters but couldn't bring myself to buy them, so I made a set. Hopefully when she's older, she'll appreciate that I made these just for her, and with any luck they'll grow with her, rather than being something she sees as a "baby" thing.

So here's a sneak-peak, in progress:

The colors are a little hard to see (the overhead lights in my studio are out at the moment... hard to work but I'm making do), but I'm really happy with the way these are turning out so far. When I can convince my husband to take me to the hardware store, I'll get some plywood to mount these on so they have nice little frames.

And yes, I'll be adding letters to the shop. How could I not?

Back to work, whatever it is I'm doing...


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idreamicanfly said...

Oh, I like 'em! They're absolutely gorgeous. I'm sure she'll treasure the fact that you made these for you - at least once she's past her teenage years. :)